Speck Candyshell Inked Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Protective cases are made to protect your hard-earned mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy 5, albeit rich in features, is still something that you want to protect, especially from sudden drops and shocks.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Speck Candyshell Inked Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now, Speck is not a newcomer when it comes to mobile phone protective cases. In fact, I own one for my Galaxy S4, and I have to say, it is pretty darn durable and it looks classy as well.

Now, the Speck Candyshell has many versions, but the version we are going to take a look at right now is the “Inked” version. This version has sort of a graffiti painting on the back of the cover, which kind of has a personal tone to it. If you don’t want a boring protective case for your Samsung Galaxy S5, this case is the one to buy.

So, what are the product perks of the Candyshell Inked? Here they are:

  • Anti-scratch finish Scratch-resistant coating. For durable graphics on colorful Galaxy S5 cases that won’t fade.
  • Military-grade drop protection. This protective Galaxy S5 case is certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards.
  • Dual-layer design Patented design. Provides two layers of protection that make these Samsung Galaxy S5 cases thin enough to slide in and out of pockets.

Let’s talk first about the protection, since it is the major scope of the article. The Speck Candyshell Inked Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a raised front bezel which, in the event that you accidentally dropped your mobile phone and it dropped on the front side, the bezel will be able to protect it from the impact.

I can personally attest to this because I cannot even count how many times I’ve dropped my mobile phone with the Speck Candyshell. It protected my mobile phone from impacts and it still functions really, really well.

According to the Speck’s official website, the Speck Candyshell Inked has been rigorously tested for durability. In fact, they boast of military-grade components that are very durable, and should last you a pretty long while.

Now, we are going to take a look at the another cool feature of the Speck Candyshell Inked. The back part of this protective case sports a graffiti design, ranging from floral to abstract drawings.

This, I think, is a very good addition to the case. I own a black Speck Candyshell and I can say that it can look pretty boring at times. With the design that is imprinted with every Speck Candyshell Inked, you added another level of aesthetic to your Samsung Galaxy S5. Be the envy of your friends because the designs on the Candyshell Inked look really high-class.

So, in conclusion, is the Speck Candyshell Inked Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 a good protective case? The short answer is yes, it is. Not only is it durable, but it is also stylish as well.

If you want to have a durable cover that doesn’t look boring, then definitely get the Speck Candyshell Inked Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5. This protective case costs only $40.

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How does the HCG Diet Plan work?

The hcg diet plan is one option for shedding a number of pounds rather quickly. The basic number of pounds lost while on the diet plan is 2 pounds per day. The average individual who starts the hcg diet will notice that they shed 2 pounds while on the diet plan per day. There is quite a bit of prepping that one should do when on the diet. You should prepare yourself mentally as well as physically when deciding to go on this diet plan.


When you start to get ready to start the diet, you should walk through your home and look for any of the items that are not allowed to be had during the diet. You should look for any candy items that may be put out in the open for guests who come into the home and instead put them out of sight so that you do not sit and stare at them while watching television each night. Any items in the home that you have so that the kids have snacks should be put away in the children’s rooms so that they are not wanted as well.

You need to mentally prepare yourself for the next 40 days of the diet plan. You should know that it may be hard for the first couple of days to get used to the lack of some foods and if you have plans to go out to dinner with friends and family, know what items you will be able to have before entering into the restaurant. There are a number of foods that are not allowed to be eaten while on the diet and therefore some research is needed.

The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that when you opt to go on the hcg diet, that you talk to your doctor about the diet plan. You should make sure that the diet is able to be gone onto. There are some health conditions that would prohibit this diet plan and therefore you need to make sure that you are able to start the diet without having any medical problems arise.

Once you have spoken to the doctor and are cleared, you then need to decide which one of the hcg diet choices you want to participate in whether it is the use of hcg injections, hcg drops or the hcg diet pills. Any of these options are good for helping you to lose weight and shedding those pounds while on the hcg diet.

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Trying To Find Nintendo Games System? Check Out The Following Tips

Which Nintendo console should really you actually buy? Nowadays there are five units within the Nintendo 3DS family, so that it is even more difficult to choose between each. We’re going to take a look at the actual possibilities that are available for you to select. There are, certainly, first kinds of 3DS and also 3DS XL. Then, naturally, you will have the wedge-shaped Nintendo 2DS.

3DS has a number of added benefits which are quite noticeable. These contain far better processor, bigger display screen and, of course, three dimensional technology. 3DS family has a great deal of types and we will perform our greatest to present you info that would permit you to pick the right console.
The particular 2DS variation is undoubtedly less costly in comparison to the 3DS variation. The displays regarding 2DS certainly are a component of just one display screen and that is the actual factor why it happens to be cheaper. This display screen is divided into two parts by plastic-type screen. This is why it is a whole lot easier to create Nintendo 2DS when contrasting it along with 3DS and it possesses a sizable impact on price tag.
As the actual title signifies, the 3DS has 3 dimensional top screen, as the 2DS does not have any three-dimensional in any way. And also the deficit of three dimensional is the one other cause for 2DS simply being less costly. You can select the power of 3 dimensional impact through the use of small sliders on the side of the particular display which 3DS possesses. This particular characteristic could be turned off in case you want to.
Autostereoscopic 3D would be the form of 3D which is used in those gaming systems. Glasses are certainly not necessary for this 3D technology. You simply need to keep your head still. A number of people suffer from head aches and also soreness. This is one other reason for creating 2DS. 2DS is very popular with young kids.
Your motions are monitored by the games system with the help of digital cameras that are in the front of the particular console. Nintendo exclusively lately started using this modern engineering. According to your motion, the actual 3D effect is modified and you’ll feel genuine 3 dimensional perspective. The modern technology is called Super Stable 3D.
Three dimensional effect is very good within the most recent types. There happen to be various reasons because of this. It’s not only far more dependable, additionally, it supplies a far better color imitation.
A few individuals are choosing 3DS since these believe that 2DS will not be able to run all game titles but which is incorrect. It does not matter in case you have 3DS or 2DS games system – just about all online games will function with no problems.
Nevertheless how is it feasible, you might inquire. Each and every 3DS game has a selection for 3D however it’s definitely not a requirement – all gaming systems make use of the same type of processor and also detectors. They are able to virtually all carry out the same thing, more or less. Having said that, you might want to consider the fact that the 3DS has improved processor chip, which speeds up the actual load time for game titles, download and install speeds and basic menu navigation.
In the event that you aren’t enthusiastic about 3D capabilities, or are a more youthful person, 2DS may seem like a sensible purchase. It’s also more foolproof in comparison to the lightweight units, with there being less hardware elements to snap. In case you are a more knowledgeable gamer – 3DS can be a better option.

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Losing weight with HCG

Weight reduction is actually a significant pattern in today’s society. There is certainly low-priced foodstuff that’s available and is extremely harmful. But that’s certainly not everything – our standards of living have much less physical exercise. Manual labor is something that is averted by a large amount of people along with the arrival of computers. Technological innovation happens to be helping our everyday life enormously. But, this makes our overall health a whole lot worse. Planning to get rid of bodyweight fast and simple? You may use HCG drops to accomplish this. HCG drops have plenty of rewards and we’ll take a look at these within this short article.
The HCG diet does not require physical exercise to be able to shed weight. In case you find yourself by now pushed for time, or maybe worn out at the end of the day, then the HCG diet is here to save the day. HCG and a 500 caloric diet program will help you achieve weight loss. The HCG frees stores associated with excess fat into the blood vessels to use as energy during your working day. For the reason that excess fat is produced via the bodily hormone, there’s no need to waste hrs. in the gym sweating away the precious spare time.
There is a lot more than just one HCG diet obtainable. The quickest will require only a couple of weeks and definitely will offer the results that you would end up being forced to exercise a couple of months for to acquire. Nothing is more efficient in helping you to shed the pounds you need to drop. Are there any alternate options that are such efficient? Certainly not.
The diet regime is going to also include all the foods that are great for you. This particular record consists of zero starches or sugar and also consists of lean healthy proteins, veggies and fruits. By making use of this specific diet program you will discover the information around foodstuff that are healthful. After you’re done using the actual HCG diet, you could simply see that you’ve obtained the understanding required to carry on consuming a wholesome, well balanced diet plan as a way to sustain your weight loss.
You will find lots of advantages which are associated with reducing your weight. Diabetes type 2 symptoms is definitely confirmed to relieve its effects. It is easier to breath soon after shedding pounds too. Furthermore, your blood sugar levels will most likely become stable along with your threat for cardiovascular disease is going to be drastically reduced. And, naturally, you will really feel exceptional.
These are simply a number of the potential advantages of shedding pounds making use of authentic HCG. It is possible to discuss along with your doctor to understand more benefits of HCG diet.
After purchasing the HCG drops you’re going to be on the right track to lose weight. The most final results will undoubtedly be obtained by means of staying with the HCG diet. By not following the particular diet program cautiously, you’ll not shed pounds.

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